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The Malavia Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney
The Malavia Law FirmCriminal Defense Attorney



To whom it may concern:

I am a past client of Attorney Roger Malavia, I am a husband, a father, and a son. I was at cross roads at a time in my life, charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder by theory of accountability. Everything that I have ever known or come to love was flashing before my eyes, facing an unknown amount of jail time if convicted and possibly never seeing my family ever again was enough to drive a sane man crazy. Needless to say, these were very trying times, but this man, Attorney Roger Malavia saved my life. He brought the truth to light which in turn convinced the judge to find me not guilty and being discharged of all charges. 

I'd recommend Attorney Roger Malavia as your criminal defense lawyer. His expertise and ingenuity is like no other, Mr. Malavia will find the truth and give it his all to fight for your freedom. His cross/Direct examinations are fierce. His presence in the courtroom is well received by the judges because he is organized, he is timely, and he knows the proper courtroom protocols. Mr. Malavia never belittled or disregarded any of my opinions, I never felt like he was gambling with my life because he ALWAYS had my best interest in mind. Mr. Malavia shared my stress, my pain and joy throughout the case all the way through the final moments. Some attorneys are hardwired to be pushovers and check collectors, this man is a fighter and simply a GREAT ATTORNEY! 

I will forever hold Mr. Malavia dear to my heart for fighting for me and I know he will do the same for you. 


People v. D.N. 09CR-10740

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